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Maybe you Don't Have to Wear a Mask?!

The law is You Must Wear a Face Cover
(unless you have an exemption).

But if you find them uncomfortable, hot and difficult to breath through
we have An Option for you?

Nurses and front line workers wear masks.
Unless you are either of these you can wear a face-cover,
and we offer one of the best

Wear it in style, and satisfy government guidelines.
Keep yourself safe (and warm) this winter with our ethically sourced Bamboo Fibre Bamdana™ face cover protecting you with two layers of super micro fibre filter. 

Biodegradable | Compostable | Wearable | Washable | Sustainable
Reusable | Hypo-Allergenic | Anti-Bacterial

Look Good and Feel Good. Wear it as a scarf and pull it up when you need it. You’ll forget you’ve got it on

Idee Bamboo Fibre

Air Conditioning

Bamboo Fibre breathes. It can be worn comfortably in the summer or winter, wicking sweat away to be evaporated and the temperature constant in the colder climes.

Face Mask

The Idee Bamdana has two layers over the respiratory area to filter out airborne droplets and dust, forming a pocket for additional filtration when required

Bamboo is Nature's Gift

For centuries Bamboo has served us well. It is Sustainable and grows fast without the need of Herbicides or Pesticides.
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The Idee Bamdana™ makes a perfect headband to hold hair back or a Scrunchie Hair Tidy to hold hair up and lots of other utilities.

Idee Bamdana™

Check out our Bamdana™ page for full details for your Bamdana now
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About Us

Our business committed to supplying quality clothing items in sustainable, biodegradable materials.


Our Mission is to provide quality products and merchandise to build a brand you can trust.  Clothing and accessories made from biodegradable materials you can enjoy wearing and be assured you are wearing sustainable quality.


Our vision is clear, minimise the un-necessary use of one time plastics,  using science and innovation to find suitable substitutes to keep our Oceans and Landfills clear. #passonplastics #ideeforme


Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.