Idee Bamdana (Pink)

£9.95 including VAT and UK delivery

  1. Quality Bamboo Fibre
  2. Biodegradable, Sustainable, Hypo-Allergenic and Naturally Anti-Bacterial.
  3. Hand washable
  4. Ethically sourced and sustainable
  5. Probably the best face mask available right now for general public use.
  6. A Cashmere like feel (you’ll forget you have it on)
  7. Two layers of Micro-fibre to filter airborne droplets, other undesirable inhaled or ingested.
  8. Double layer forms a pocket in which you can place further filter material if necessary (see below)
  9. Protect others around you from conversational droplets and added sneeze and cough shield.

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More Information

Idee Group Ltd is delighted to present the Bamdana™ a bandana style face mask* made from bamboo fibre and probably the most effective and comfortable face cover of its type.

You will be surprised at the quality and comfort when wearing the Bamdana and how easy it is to wear for any length of time. You’ll forget you have it on.

Bamboo fibre is microfibre made from the bamboo plant which grows naturally throughout the Far East and needs no deforestation, herbicides or pesticides to help grow some 3 inches (7.62cm) per month, and it has a natural antibacterial qualities.

The Idee Bamdana™ is truly versatile and can be used for a number of different utilities. It will keep you warm in the winter and will wick away moisture (sweat) to evaporate to keep you dry. The antibacterial qualities it offers keeps odours at bay. Being a naturally hypoallergenic fabric it avoids mask acne which front line workers and shop workers complain about as well as soreness from the ear loops. This cannot happen with the Bamdana.

It is a ‘one-size’ fit with 5% spandex keeping the Bamdana snug across the respiratory area. Ear loops are not necessary and therefore avoid soreness as caused by other masks over a period.

The filter area is two layers of a special Bamboo microfibre which is a more than effective with social distancing. These layers form a pocket in which can be inserted any other filter material if necessary, even a 3 x Ply, FFP3 or N95 surgical mask (cut the ear loops off) if you have them. But with common sense and social distancing the filter should be enough to keep you protected from being infected by other people, even help you avoid other airborne droplets that may cause other unpleasantries like the common cold.

At the moment a face mask is a legal requirement unless you have exemption. The Bamdana is an appropriate alternative to a mask and is a suitable face cover whenever you need one. Travelling on local or on National Transport, Air Travel, Cycling, Motor Bike, Skateboarding or any occasion you are watching sports where there is a collection or crowd of other people, the Bamdana is an appropriate accessory.

If you have any questions please contact us on and we will attend to your enquiry as soon as we can.

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The Bamdana is not PPE; is not sold or meant to be PPE and not approved as PPE by the NHS or CDC in the USA.